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What Are the Advantages of Fulfillment Services?


Reduce Overhead Costs

Reduce overhead costs by eliminating the need for long-term warehouse lease.


Manage Seasonal Sales Cycles

Manage seasonal sales cycles without adding or eliminating staff.


Lower Shipping Costs

Our large volume contracts with trusted carriers transfer lower shipping costs to you.


Detailed Insights and Analysis

Detailed insights and analysis from your personalized dashboard provide better inventory management and sales forecasting.


Focus On What’s Important

Focus on the work that leverages your expertise and talent, while automating the tedious and time-consuming tasks of packing, shipping, and distributing tracking information.

How Does Our Integrated
Fulfillment Service Work?


Set up your account with help from our knowledgeable representatives, then send your products to our fulfillment center for immediate order fulfillment. We can connect to your sales channels and import orders directly to our system in real-time.


When an order arrives, a pick-list is automatically generated, and your products are pulled from inventory. The order is securely and professionally packaged to your specifications, labeled, and shipped.


The automated system sends tracking information back to the appropriate sales channel, via EDI, API, FTP, or email, immediately updating your customers on the status of their shipment.

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